What we are

S48 is a group of creative people who place high value on music.


What we do

  • Dj services
  • Event management
  • Bookings
  • Dj studio
  • Showroom (coffee / bar)
  • Rental and purchase of dj equipment




Started djing at the early 90s as a resident Dj at bar club Kanali and by 92’s his project “Abyss” launched the Abyss Zone parties across town.The breaking point was at Global Maroko as a resident dj for Red Zone parties. On ’95 met up with Petroza & Sunday to create the Subconscious team, with the aim to bring the groundbreaking culture of future sounds, to evelop as MZMgroup and by ’99 the MusicZuperMarket Record store was established. MZMgroup is now based on MusicZuperMarket Coffeece.
Lined-Up with: Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Oliver Lieb, Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Robert Hood, Guy Gerber, Henry Saiz, Just Be, Hito, Seb Fontaine, Antony Pappa, Pascal Feos, Marc O’Tool, John Creamer, Thomas P. Heckmann, Marco Bailey, Stefano Greppi, Gabriel le Mar, Lemon8, Κ.Βήτα (Stereonova), Blue Pilots Project, Marco Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Remus, Ryan Halifax, Axel Karakasis, Refer Degree, just to name a few of them.
He staged some of the most significant festivals such as Reworks, SolaLuna and Energy Dance Festival
and also played to Freeze magazine parties, Dynamik, FlashBack tour, GangBang Fridays, Brainstorm.
Till today he has appeared behind the decks of:
Cargo (London), Corzo (Skopje), Decadence, U-matic (Athens), Le Freak, Room (Skybar), Okeanos, RocknRolla, La Dose, Global, Maroko, Glarokavos, Almyra, Mamba, Africafe, Porto Paradiso and many more venues all over the Greece.

Other Activities:

Twilight zone on Report2Dancefloor web radio
Cosmic Expeditions Resident Dj
Radio Show “ZuperSounds” On SuperFM


Petroza aka Antoniadis Petros, is a Greek producer and dj based in Thessaloniki – Greece. He started djing in Thessaloniki in 1991. He became resident dj in the legendary bar KANALI (Thessaloniki), where at that time, new wave, punk, Manchester music scene and Belgian electronic music scene became dominant. In the following years he was resident dj in many bars and clubs of  Thessaloniki and Halkidiki (club 10, pool club H2O, club BLOOM, SUGAR , CASLA, ISMIR to name a few) spinning records of different music genres such as acid jazz, jazz funk, disco, classic rock, electronic. He was also a founding member of the Subconscious & TECHNODADA parties.

In 1997 he moved to Sofia (BG) to study sound engineering. The some year he started the successful bar “ORKA” in the center of the city of Sofia.

In 1999 together with his mates DJ XPRiens and DJ Sunday, founded MUSICZUPERMARKET (1999 – 2010). Its activities were record distribution, bookings (Marco Bailey, Pascal FEOS, Gabriel Le Mar, Oliver Lieb, Thomas Heckmann ) event organizing (Art-House, Decandance, Room) and dj services (Decadence club, Art-house club, club Le Freak, club Spartacus (Sofia – BG), club Blade (Sofia – BG), New Years Eve Fest (Skopje), Sola Luna Fest, Energy Dance Fest, Flashback tour.
He also hosted a radio show (“NO COMMENTS”) on Super FM 108 radio in Thessaloniki for five years (1999 – 2004).

As a producer, he released in 2004 a single titled “MZMGROUP – R U Listen To Me” on vinyl, for the German Giant and Dwarf (GAD007). He is now collaborating with Blue Pilots Project as “Nevada Test Site”.
In 2015 he reopened MUSICZUPERMARKET (as S48coffeece) which is based in Thessaloniki (Elpidos 48 Polichni) and its activities nowadays are: Event management, bookings, dj services and rental/purchase of dj Equipment. In S48 there is also a bar (COFFEECE) and a dj Studio.


Behind the name Blue Pilots Project there is Thomas Kosidis. Born in Thessaloniki, he grow up listening to the music o the ‘world’, from classical to psychedelic. His relationship with the conservatoire ended very soon and then he set up his first studio located in the industrial part of the town and started his journey in analog psychedelic sound.

Keyboards, guitars, synth, percussion and later the computer built the unique sound of Blue Pilots Project. In 2007 he released the album in Klik records ‘Flight For Everyone’ which began from the need to concentrate everything in Thomas’ mind during the ‘Studio’ period.

In 2009 he released his second album ‘Reboot’ also by Klik records.


The need for expression and communication with all music lovers and friends, after 25 years of experience and presence within the field of music performance, led the S48 people to set up the coffeece which offers both an ideal and homey environment for a coffee / drink, exchange ideas and opinions, and seek new ways of expression, with a view to put into action anything new and interesting.


S48 is the soundproof dj studio of S48Coffeece. The 9m2 space is covered (soundwise) by a pair of RCF – ART 10A MKII (400Watt/RMS each) speakers and a pair of Dynaudio BM-5 studio monitors. Dj booth consists of, two PIONEER CDJ-2000NXS cd players, ALLEN & HEATH XONE92 mixer, two (or four) TECHNICS MKII – 1210 turntables, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS X1 controller, FADERFOX DX2 controller and  AKAI MPC40.
In the S48 Studio you can prepair your dj set before your gig, process your music in REKORDBOX, or record your promo mix.
S48s equipment includes, a pair of RCF EVOX 8 (700W/RMS each) PA system and eight LED PAR with DMX console, which can be used at any event (private or not) giving a professional tone to it.

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